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Larger diameter of flowers!

Darker green leafs!

Loose, airy roots environment!

Nutrient-rich soil conditioner
Continuous nutrients batching!

Better quality of soil life!

Exclusively made of natural materials, no added chemicals!

Nearly 50% water savings!

Product descrption

Agrooters role in the soil life in the root area:

If Agrooter is in upward position then the water retains in the cell, the water is “traped", it acts like in a bowl:


When the water is trapped it resolves nutrients from the wall of the cell and keeps them in the solution. The Agrooter tube, acts like a nutriment stick, it releases the nutriment progressively, but compare to the stick the speed of release is much lower, and compare to the fertilizer Agrooter has a long term effect depending on the water supply and the number of microorganisms in the soil.


The production technology of the Agrooter makes it possible that the microorganisms in the soil are provided with adequate nutrients. The tubes pressed together from colloid size particles are "invaded" by soil bacteria and fungus and they create colonies. The roots of the plan encompass these colonies where the bacteria and fungus makes it possible for plans to adopt the hardly adoptable micro and macro organisms from the soil.
If the cell stops in the soil with its opening downwards, then it aerates the soil. In the soil, irrespectively of the position of the tube, for water nutrients will be resolved.


Agrooter's production technology makes it possible to release the nutrition progressively.
The cells assure aggregated and loose soil. During the production of the cell natural ingredients are used which lower the speed of alkalinity. With the use of Agrooter about 50% of water can be saved. If there is no rain or watering than the roots start to grow toward humidity. In case of drought the water in the cell is a "lifebelt" for roots and the soil life. In case of large amount of water the soils pervious remains, only the cells keep the water. In dry soil the plans’ roots hardly access to nutrient and if they can succeed than the plan turns all nutrients to grow its roots. In case of humidity in the soil, in the lack of air, plans cannot victual themselves. In tight and anhydrous soil the plants are struggle and the water hardly finds its way. In airless soil conditions micro-organisms life is limited and their “inverter” activity do not serve the plants. The pH level of the soil plays remarkable role. Besides from few example the experience proves the plants are able to take nutrients, if the roots pH level is between 6 and 6,5. Our research shows that with help of Agrooter the pH variation was much stable.

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