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Larger diameter of flowers!

Darker green leafs!

Loose, airy roots environment!

Nutrient-rich soil conditioner
Continuous nutrients batching!

Better quality of soil life!

Exclusively made of natural materials, no added chemicals!

Nearly 50% water savings!

User guide

Planting tulips
With tulip trowel form wholes.
Mix a half-fistful Agrooter (about 3 dkg) with soil on the bottom of the whole.
Place the bulb on the mix
Do not forget the rule of the professional:
"the depth of the whole has to be 3 times of the diameter of the bulb"
Fill up the wholes with soil.
Flood it with water, so the roots start to grow.
Some tips for measurement:

Depending of the size of the bulb half-fistful (about 3 dkg), or even full fistful (about 5 dkg
Agrroter can be used - half-fistful for magnolia, and full fistful for tulip or coconut.
Liliom, Királykorona, díszhagyma stb. 1 marék
If you plant tulip in group like 100 bulb/m2 than 3kg Agrooter is suggested.
If you plant magnolia in group like 16 bulb/m2 than 1kg Agrooter is needed.






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