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Larger diameter of flowers!

Darker green leafs!

Loose, airy roots environment!

Nutrient-rich soil conditioner
Continuous nutrients batching!

Better quality of soil life!

Exclusively made of natural materials, no added chemicals!

Nearly 50% water savings!

Hungarian patented product

Agrooter - a new, innovative gardening product for healthy and well-developed plants!

Agrooter is a specially designed set of tubes which supports the growth of roots by providing a wet environment rich in oxygen.

csövecske No matter how the small tubes are placed in the soil (facing up or down in the ground), they store water and air, therefore, they can supply nutrition.

How does it work?

This unique mechanism is based on a new finding. When looking after plants, we do not prefer using chemicals. We think it is more important to activate the microorganisms in the soil (bacteria and fungi). Agrooter tubes, which contain micro-ground minerals stabilized by organic binding materials, will provide nutrition not only for the plants but for the soil life as well.

This system supplies nutrients gradually thanks to the manufacturing technology of the product. The tubes feed the microorganisms of the soil, providing them with nutritions and humidity. A loose, humid and airy environment significantly improves the life condition for microorganisms around the root structures of plants. This is the reason why microorganisms colonies are formed in the tubes of Agrooter.

It is a proven fact that roots extend towards humidity. Nutrition through the root hairs grown into the tubes that store water will take place exactly where soil life is the most active. As a consequence, an effective nutrition system between bacteria, fungi and the plant is established and this process starts sooner based on the type of plant in question.

How to use this product?

Agrooter tubes placed in the planting holes create favourable conditions from the first moment.


What is happening?

Once planted, trees use their own energy to start growing the root structure, launch the blooming process and connect to the microorganisms of soil life. This connection is important for the plants as well as the microorganisms. Carbohydrates emitted by the root fluids serve as energy source for microorganisms, and the activities of microorganisms substantially impact the effective nutrition of plants. Saplings planted with the agrooter do not have to use their own reserves. They do not have to allocate their energy to boost the activities of microorganisms. Intensive soil life has already been established in the tubes,therefore, plants save time and can allocate the saved energy to develop shoots. Greater shoot mass will result in greater canopy surface. The increased photosynthesis surface provides increased energy uptake for the plant.


  • it's compounds will provide nutrition to useful microorganisms boosting their development,
  • facilitates the more effective nutrient uptake of plants,
  • inhibits the washing out of nutrients, fostering slow and gradual supply of nutrients,
  • increases the organic material reserves of the immediate root area (~40%),
  • increases the withering point in case of stress caused by heat or drought,
  • the humidity and air stored in the tubes will inhibit the mass destruction of microorganisms,
  • the agrooter is environment friendly, and in the soil, it will completely decompose in 2-3 years time,
  • at least 50% of water is guaranteed to be saved.

What can one piece of agrooter do for you?

A corn cultivation experiment with the Agrooter in South Africa


One agrooter tube was placed under each grain of corn in the nest propagation tray on the left. No agrooter is used in the nest propagation tray on the right. This tray is used as a control tray. Both sides were watered for 15 days, then water supply was entirely cut off. Photographs were taken 30 days after sowing.

Plants with agrooters developed more healthily.

Plants under favourable life conditions from start showed no symptoms of shortage, and are less susceptible to pests. Further characteristics are dark green leaves and higher yield.

The agrooter is manufactured using natural materials only!
It can be used in eco farms!

Recommended application:

  • Container propagation,
  • Setting plants in plant houses or in the open,
  • Annual or perennial flower beds,
  • Planting seedlings,
  • Bio farms.

Can be used in plant holes in the immediate environment of roots.
Recommended for roses and orchids.

Recommended dosage:

More information: www.agrooter.com
Licence no: nébih 04.2/199-3/2012






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